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hand painted glass

Hand Painted 

I was 9 years old when I received my first glass painting kit for Christmas and I've been practising ever since, for more than 3 decades. Here is a range of my recent designs. All of my products here are painted 'free hand' which means there will be some variation, each one is unique. Everything is fully functional and any embellishments that I have used - diamontes, swarovski crystals, glitter, sand, lace, shells, etc - are entirely dishwashable. As I have been doing this for such a long time I have developed my own technique and process which is my own invention and idea, is a trade secret which has been tried and tested for years. I want my customers to feel confident when buying and using my products so I personally guarantee the quality of my hand painted products. I can do bespoke orders and personalisation but you will need to contact me for this directly. 

Hand painted glasswear

Hand Painted Glasswear

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