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Terms & Conditions

There are registered designs within the content of this website. All intellectual rights and copyrights of the original ideas and artwork are owned by Lou McLaren - trading as JabberWocky Creative Designs, The Magic Dragon, Pembrokeshire Coast Creations, Pembrokeshire Coast Jewellery.

You must follow our terms and conditions whenever you browse, use or place an order at

Please do read our privacy policy and shipping information,

Use of our website

You must:

- only use our website for lawful reaons

- not purchase our products for resale

- not reproduce our designs in any way, shape or form

- not infringe on our intellectual property

You must not use this website in a way that is against the rights of anyone else, or that stops or limits how it is enjoyed by others.

We own all the rights on our website, which includes copyright and intellectual property so you cannot:

- copy or reproduce any of our website content

- modify or share any of our website content for any reason

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