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Welcome to my online shop and thanks for visiting!

Established in 2012, 

JabberWocky Creative Designs has become a destination gift & jewellery shop by offering a unique retail therapy combining a tranquil ambience and de-stressing shopping experience

providing first class customer service, unique & creatively designed gifts and beautiful jewellery - perfectly wrapped in a bow at no extra charge, its all part of the service so... 

Come in..

Find your sanctuary..

pembrokeshire sand
Pembrokeshire Coast Creations
pembrokeshire sand jewellery
Pembrokeshire Coast Jewellery
preseli bluestone jewellery
Preseli Bluestone Jewellery
Crystal Jewellery
Hand painted glasses
Hand Painted Glasswear
baby amber
Baltic Amber Jewellery
sterling silver studs
Sterling Silver Studs
sterling silver rings
Sterling Silver Rings
sterling silver pendants
Sterling Silver Pendants
Sterling Silver Bracelets
sterling silver anklets
Sterling Silver Anklets
sterling silver toerings
Sterling Silver Toerings
Sterling Silver Earcuffs
childrens jewellery
Made By Molly
jabberwocky creative designs gallery
JabberWocky Gallery
Footprints on Sand


Thanks for query!


My story so far.. the shortened version..

My name is Lou, I was born here in Pembrokeshire. I am a skilled multi-medium artist specialising in art & design, retail managment and customer service. I've always loved to draw, paint and make things for as long as I can remember.  I dreamt of owning my own shop when I was 6 years old - I wanted to make gifts and make people happy. And so my journey began... I was diagnosed with a UV allergy when I was 13 which enabled me to spend many years in my bedroom hiding from the sun and honing my artist and creative skills. When I got older and my allergy was controlled I studied GNVQ Art & Design for 5 years and then opened a shop in Haverfordwest in 1999 called 'The Magic Dragon'. I soon realised I needed retail management experience so I started working for the Arcadia Group where I trained as a retail manager and left Pembrokeshire. I moved around the South Wales area working for the company in management positions for 5 or 6 years, gaining NVQ's in retail operations at the same time and I was lucky enough to find myself on the 'Fish Pholisophy - Train the Trainer' course which was a unique learning experience and invaluable for my future plans. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I suffered some health issues and I had to leave Arcadia. I moved to Cornwall and reconnected with nature. I ended up back in Wales working in the hospitality industry as a bar and restaurant manager. My health issues returned and I left Wales for Hull.. I eventually came back to Pembrokeshire and lived off grid in a tent with my cat for a couple of years. So I've now come full circle and I have my own shop and successful business utilising all the skills I've learnt along the way and literally living the dream I had nearly 40 years ago. I have a beautiful daughter who gave me the strength to try again and she is the reason I built JabberWocky Creative Designs in 2012. I chose the name JabberWocky as I wanted a dragon theme name to link with my previous business and my love of all things mythical, also there was a film called 'Jabberwocky' made in Pembroke Castle in 1977, the year I was born.

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about me and the background of my business 'JabberWocky Creative Designs'.

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